An ATM can Help your Business
Facts about ATM's and ATM Benefits

Fact New Revenue Source
Fact Increased Customer Foot Traffic
Fact Increase profits
Fact Reduced Operating Costs
Fact Increased sales and higher ticket averages
Fact Reduce your costs associated with credit card fees and checks
Fact Customer Convenience
Fact Generate income instead of paying credit card/debit processing fees
Fact More people have debit cards than credit cards
Fact No need to accept checks for purchases
Fact Eliminate bad checks and bounced NSF check charges
Fact Customers can bundle services at one location - get cash, buy products
Fact Save time and reduce labor costs
Fact No need to run debit transactions, which cost you time and money

ATMs Attract More Customers & Increases Foot Traffic

People rely on ATMs for cash and convenience. An ATM at your location will draw more customers by accommodating their needs and improve your image by allowing them to combine banking and purchases at one time. ATMs will provide your location an edge over your competitors.

ATMs Generate More Sales

Customers spend more when they have access to cash.

ATMs Provide a Competitive Edge

Having an ATM can build customer loyalty by providing services customers expect. ATMs can be useful in creating a pattern for customers. They can meet at your place, purchase other merchandise, get cash and it keeps them in your place longer spending money (especially in bars and nightclubs). ATMs give your business an advantage.

Customers look for locations that offer ATMs. ATM's work in conjunction with your point of sale devices at the register, giving your customers more choices, and can decrease their time waiting in line. On-screen advertising and messages/coupons on the cash receipts (from various cash ATM models only) can generate increase in-store spending and revenue.


Cash eliminates the risk of accepting checks. If someone has a checking or savings account, they most likely have an ATM Debit card. Stop taking checks and accept ATM cards. NSF checks cost you time and money. Having customers with more cash in their pockets means less check and credit card sales, which cost you time and money to process. Traditional debit cards cost you up to $.55 cents every time the customer uses them. ATMs are the opposite of credit card transactions. You make money every time customers use their ATM card. Customers with cash in hand will reduce checkout time, resulting in satisfied customers and lower labor costs. It is estimated there will be 60 BILLION ATM transactions this year. Businesses offering ATMs will reap the rewards. Cash will not bounce. ATMs cuts down credit card charge-backs, disputes, bad checks, and the problems with customer disputes.

ATM transactions do not cost you fees and percentages of each sale


ATM programs allow you to make money every time the customer uses it. Depending on the type of location and what the surcharge is will determine how much money you make for every approved cash withdrawal transaction. Free Placements allow you to earn a portion of the surcharge revenue. Purchase and lease programs for ATM Machines allow you to earn a greater piece of each approved withdrawal transaction.


Our ATMs accept all Major Bank Debit (checking and savings accounts) and Credit Cards as well as government issued EBT cards.

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