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We have a proven way to add more revenue to your organization. Cashless ATMs provide your customers with the convenience of accepting ATM/Debit cards where you make money for every approved transaction.

Consumers expect to be able to use their ATM/debit cards at merchants. They will pay a surcharge fee for the convenience of an ATM, which helps them avoid a drive to the bank or another destination saving them time.
More people have ATM/Debit cards than credit cards.

Cashless ATM Machines
continue to become more and more popular
with business owners.

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Customers access their bank accounts with the Cashless ATM without leaving the establishment. Extra money in customer's hands increases impulse buying and the average check.

Cashless ATMs are More Reliable than Cash ATMs.

No expensive cash dispenser that can get jammed, it doesn't run out of money, or give out too much money.

How Easy Cashless ATMs Work

Cashless ATMs work similar to Cash ATMs except instead of dispensing cash at the end of the customer's transaction, it prints out a "approved" Cash Voucher/Receipt of the transaction. Cashless ATMs work with your customer's bank, giving them access to their cash where they'll spend more at your location. Cashless ATMs accept most Bank/ATM Cards.

Customers slide their ATM/Debit cards through the Cashless ATM and enter their secret four digit PIN#. The customer then chooses a dollar amount (can program in increments of $10.00 or higher), then the machine connects to the EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) networks, and validates the transaction in a matter of seconds, just line a Bank ATM. Your customer then receives an "approved" Cash Voucher/Receipt, which is now considered cash. The Cashless ATM produces the customer a two-part receipt. The customer presents the Cash Voucher/Receipt to the cashier. The customer keeps the customer portion of the receipt for his/her records, and the merchant keeps the merchant portion for their records. Receipts can only be used at your business for merchandise with cash back or just for cash. The receipts you accept are the same as cash. A Cashless ATM in a location does not mean the merchant has to have more cash in the register. Our Cashless ATM's average $25.00 per withdrawal (not including the purchase). Our merchants are not going through any more money than they normally have on hand.

Cashless ATMs have Advantages over Traditional Cash ATMs

Safer than Cash ATMs

Removes the security concern of theft. No more worrying about criminals causing damage to your premises by stealing a cash machine. You don't have to worry about your people stealing funds designated for your ATM. Cashless ATMs do not hold cash.

No need to tie up thousands of dollars in cash for loading the ATM
Does not need a dedicated phone line.
(Can share a fax or security line)
Can be programmed in $10.00 increments
Safer and more reliable than Cash ATMs
Does not hold Cash
Eliminates expensive Cash dispenser that gets jammed
No running back and forth from the bank
No need for armored car service or extra security measures

You Choose the Dollar Amounts

The merchant controls preset dollar amounts. Your customers choose from these amounts when they use your Cashless ATM. Many of our National Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) clients set these amounts in increments of ten dollars at $10, $20, $30, $40 & $50 maximum. You can choose whatever you want to accommodate your customer's need for cash back as most customers purchase products from your business. Each time a customer does an "approved" transaction the money is on the way to deposit in your bank.

Free Cashless ATM Placements

No monthly Lease/Equipment costs
Merchant makes money for every approved transaction
Countertop, Kiosk or Wall Units available
Free Sign/Promotional Package
Merchant sets withdrawal and maximum amounts
Installation & Setup
Management/Employee Training

Cashless ATM Benefits

Equipment costs are significantly lower than Cash ATMs
(Purchase Program)
Make money for every "approved" withdrawal transaction
Accepts almost any bankcard with a valid PIN number
Builds foot traffic and builds customer loyalty
Increases sales & average checks
No need to load or unload cash.
Reduce check processing and bad checks fees
Reduce or eliminate credit card processing fees
No need for a dedicated phone line
(can share a fax or security line, etc.)
Quick cash for customers - resulting in higher average checks
Customers can request withdrawals in $10.00 increments
High return on investment
Lower Operating costs than Cash ATMs
Convenient for merchants and customers
Internet Online monitoring included
Only needs standard power outlet, 100 power
Small footprint or counter space needed

Cashless ATM Systems (Operations)

Simple to use and easy to install - Consumer Friendly
Phone line - Can share with fax line, toll free or local numbers only
ACH Automatic Daily Deposits - Electronic ACH payments
to your account every business day
Simple walk through menu - Easy to navigate
Daily Easy Reports - Many easy options for various reports
Quiet Thermal Printer - Quick and quiet
Visible LED Display - Easy to prompt customers to do transactions

Locations Include

Fast Food (QSR) Restaurants
Movie Theatres
Convenience (C) Stores
Entertainment Centers
Tourist Areas
Bowling Center
Liquor Stores
Gas Stations

Cashless ATMs can be placed almost anywhere in your business. No need for staff to run the machine. Saves Labor costs.

Toll-free Technical support is available to help your set-up process. We have created a simple procedure card, which is a simple step by step process to help you operate your Cashless ATM. After you plug your device into the power outlet and insert the telephone cord we will be available to walk you through the very simple procedures and answer any questions.

Our Cashless ATMs use thermal printers, therefore no need to replace ink or toner. Any 2 inch wide (up to 165' rolls) thermal paper roll will work. Thermal Paper can be purchased from almost any office supply/paper vendor that carries thermal cash register paper. We have negotiated excellent pricing and will put you in touch with our vendor directly.

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