Cashless ATMs have benefits over traditional Cash dispensing ATMs
Eliminating security and cash-filling problems associated with regular Cash ATMs

Cashless ATM's



As a compact, all-in-one countertop POS, the NURIT 8320 is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Apply Now
Cashless ATM Pricing

Lipman 6100
Lipman 6100
16" wide x 14" deep x 17" high
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Cashless ATM Pricing

Nurit 2085+ Countertop
Nurit 2085+ Countertop
10" wide x 9" deep x 16" high
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Cashless ATM Pricing

Triton SuperScrip
Triton SuperScrip
15" wide x 13" deep x 42" high
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Cashless ATM Pricing

Drive Through


The NURIT 2085 is a reliable and easy-to-use POS that enables fast and secure card payment processing. Apply Now


The NURIT 202 is a convenient, lightweight, and easy-to-use PIN Pad enabling problem-free entries for debit and credit. Apply Now




The NURIT 8000 is a flexible, lightweight, handheld terminal that enables fast, secure, error-free transactions for on-the-go merchants. Apply Now


The NURIT 3020 is a compact and versatile countertop POS terminal.Apply Now

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Cashless ATMs have less service problems than Cash ATMs.

  • No expensive parts that break. 

  • Won't run out of money or give out too much Cash.

Cashless ATMs (Scrip ATMs) are easy to operate

  • No cash dispensing at the end of the customer's transaction, unit prints out an "approved" Cash Voucher/Receipt to be redeemed for cash or goods/services

  • Customers slide their ATM/Debit cards, then enter their secret four digit PIN#.

  • Programming can be set for choosing an exact amount or increments of

  • tens or twenty dollar amounts.

  • Cashless ATM dials out (toll free or local#) to the Processing networks, verifies the customers account and funds, then

  • prints an "approved" Cash Voucher/Receipt, which is now considered cash.

  • The customer presents the Cash Voucher/Receipt to the merchant and

  • Receipts are valid at your business only for cash or merchandise with cash back.

  • A Cashless ATM in your business does not necessarily mean you need more cash in the register.

  • Many merchants do not give out more money than they normally have on hand.

Cashless ATMs are safer and offer more benefits then Cash ATMs

  • Cashless ATMs do not contain and tie up your cash

  • Reduce or eliminate credit card processing fees

  • Reduce check processing and bad NSF check fees

  • NO need for a dedicated phone line.  (Can share fax or security line etc.)

  • More reliable than Cash ATMs - Thermal Printer prints receipts

  • No armored car service required for extra security measures

  • Customer perform an "approved withdrawal transaction" - money immediately transmits to your bank

  • Equipment significantly less expensive than Cash ATMs

  • Internet Online monitoring available

  • Simple to use and easy to install - Consumer Friendly

  • Daily Easy Reports - Many easy options for various reports

  • Visible LED Display - Easy to prompt customers to do transactions

Cashless ATMs - Just "Plug and Play"

  • Plug your preprogrammed device into the power outlet, insert the telephone cord and you are ready to process transactions.

  • Technical support we are available to help answer any questions.

  • We have a simple procedure card, which shows you how to operate your Cashless ATM.

  • Cashless ATMs use thermal printers, therefore no need to replace ink or toner.   2 1Z4 inch wide (up to 165') thermal paper roll works.

  • Thermal Paper can be purchased from almost any office supply/paper vendor that carries thermal cash register paper.

Free Cashless ATM Placements

  • No monthly Lease/Equipment costs

  • Make money for every "approved withdrawal" transaction

  • Countertop or Drive-Thru units available

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