ATM usage rose 64% from 1994 to 2005

The first patent on the automated teller machine marked its 30th anniversary in June 2003. More than half of us, 54 percent, visit an ATM at least weekly, with $20 to $100 withdrawals the most common activity, according to a survey timed to coincide with the machine's 1973 introduction.

The survey of 1,244 people was conducted in May for Scottsdale, Ariz. base eFunds Corp., the nation's largest nonbank ATM deployer.
   Associated Press, Asbury Park Press, New Jersey, July 2003

ATMs help grow your business

ATM customers spend 20-25% more than a non-ATM customer
In large retail stores 30 - 35% of the withdrawal is spent in the store before customer leaves; retention among smaller retailers is 25 - 30%; and night clubs are seeing as much as 70 - 80% of the dispensed cash staying at the club.
There are 210 million ATM cards in the US. (Approx. 85 cards for every 100 customers.)
Regular ATM users (40%) go to the ATM an average of 10 times a month.
   Source: AT&T Global Information Solutions (formerly NCR);
      Consumer Segmentation Study

ATMs Increase Foot Traffic

A study done by 7-Eleven (Southland Corp.) and Convenience Store Decisions Magazine show up to 20% of the money withdrawn from an ATM is spent in that store.
Increased foot traffic is the #1 reason Southland Corp. has ATMs inside their 7-11's. The reason is simple. Potential customers will pass by to get cash somewhere else and might not find their way back to spend it in their stores.
   ATM Magazine, September 2000

ATM Users are Habit Driven

More than 70% of the U.S. Population has an ATM card.
ATM users spend and average of 20% to 50% more than non-ATM customers.
ATM users are habit driven, often using the same ATM repeatedly.
No charge-backs or credit risks with an ATM.
   Reprinted from Convenience Store Decisions Sales Trends Handbook 1999.

ATMs Attract Customers

Customers today will choose a merchant with an ATM for the security and convenience of completing a transaction inside of a location. Consumers will modify buying patterns to combine shopping and banking. 51% between the ages 25-49 use ATMs 8 times a month.
   Speer & Associates Survey March 1999

Paying With Plastic: Consumers Opting for Debit Over Credit
Debit Beats Out Credit

NEW YORK - A survey by Visa U.S.A. finds that today's consumers are saying "debit it" more than "charge it." Visa studied consumers' transactions for the first six months of 2002. Here's the breakdown: 3.04 billion Visa debit-card transactions versus 2.96 billion credit-card transactions. Credit cards still retain the bragging rights to having a higher combined dollar value since consumers typically use them to purchase pricier items, reports Reuters. Survey respondents gave two main reasons for opting for debit cards over credit cards. Seventy percent of those surveyed said they use a debit card so they can keep better track of their expenditures, while 60 percent said using a debit card means they don't have to carry as much cash.

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